Saturday, March 6, 2010

OK Bird Man u really Killn me Now!!!!

Last we reported about the launch of Birdman's energy/oil business Bronald, which he actually founded a few years back with his brother Slim.

To honor the company, the CEO/rapper tatted it's logo on the side of his head.

Then, just last month, major publications (Bloomberg being one) began to question the legitmacy of Bronald Oil & Gas, interviewing major energy companies in the areas Birdman was said to be doing biz. Come to find out, nobody ever heard of them, nor did it seem that any oil biz was actually being done, despite Birdman claiming that he's been making "good money off that."

Whatever the situation is, Birdman isn't repping Bronald Oil & Gas any longer ... well, at least, on the side of his head.

These pics popped up on the Internet recently, displaying some of Stunna's new tatts -- three new red stars on the right, left and back of his head to accompany the one he already had on top.

Source: BallerStatus

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