Friday, February 19, 2010

Guess Who was the Person
Who got into that Fight with
Mitt Romney on that Canadian Flight??

A member of the party rap group LMFAO was the supposed "goon" involved in a plane dust-up with former-and-likely-future presidential candidate Mitt Romney this week, TMZ has revealed.

Sky Blu, real name Skyler Gordy (Berry's nephew), disputes Romney's side of the story -- that he became "physically violent" toward the pol after being asked to raise his seat-back. According to the rapper, it was the Republican former Massachusetts governor that got aggressive with him first in the Monday melee.

Gordy claims Romney began yelling "Sir! Put your seat up!" repeatedly before laying his hands on him.

"I see him reach over and grab my shoulder, and I just react boom," Gordy said in a video confessional, making a gesture suggesting he swiped Romney's hand away from him.

"I didn't take it any further than that, I just told the man not to touch me."

Romney and LMFAO were on the same Air Canada flight (in the economy section) leaving Vancouver, where the Olympics are being held. According to Romney's spokesman, he asked the man sitting in front of him (Gordy) to move his seat up until the flight took off. Violence ensued and Gordy allegedly tried to strike Romney, who supposedly "did not retaliate."

Airport police were summoned and Gordy and his LMFAO band-mate/cousin Stefan Gordy were escorted off the plane.

In the video posted on TMZ, Gordy said that he and Romney had cooled off and agreed to let the incident go. But it was too late, since police had already arrived to take the rapper away to seek another flight. No arrests were made. Gordy called the whole thing "unfortunate" and said he believed Romney was probably a "nice guy."

On Wednesday, Romney decided against pressing charges against Gordy. A wise choice as the politician is busy on a book tour and just yesterday spoke at CPAC, a political convention for conservatives.

LMFAO are known for their party-time-excellent tracks 'Shots' and 'La La La.' Skyler Gordy is Motown founder Berry Gordy's nephew, while Stefan is the music legend's son.

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