Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Detroit Passes Strict Shake Joint Laws

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Just one day after a public hearing on the controversial issue of strip clubs in Detroit, members of City Council voted to pass some new rules.

A zoning ordinance was unanimously passed that restricts where new strip clubs can be built. No new clubs would be allowed on 8 Mile.

The more controversial licensing ordinance also passed which bans VIP rooms and limits dancers to an 18" stage.

Detroit residents who are in support of the stricter regulations had hoped that council would go as far as banning alcohol in the clubs and requiring dancers to wear pasties.

A huge crowd packed the 13th floor auditorium at Detroit City Hall Monday. Dozens of people addressed council to express their views.

Strip club employees and businessmen say tough regulations would hurt the industry. On the other side, many residents say they are tired of having to deal with the problems that the establishments bring to the neighborhoods.

Here are a few Tweets Posted By Detroit Natives

@DetroitSport @Franknitt They did it dog...They voted no lap dances or VIP.......I hate Detroit. <<<<< damn daMN DAMN!!!!

@TerrenceTatum Pours out a little liquor for Detroit and the fall of Strip Clubs. First the auto industry..now THIS!! IT'S TOO MUCH MOTOWN!!

@RioData No VIP rooms or LapDances in Detroit Strip Clubs... #itsgonnabelikewatchingvideos

@D_Town96 I do no agree with the new rules put in place at Detroit strip clubs banning VIP rooms and lap dances. No Freedom of Choice??

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