Friday, January 8, 2010

Bow Wow Asks DJ Drama To Host His
Next Mixtape And Gets Shut Down

Bow Wow is currently a Cash Money Millionaire, and to help up his buzz, he's been releasing mixtapes on the underground.

With his most recent one, titled Greenlight 2, reaching 2 million downloads (according to the rapper), he is ready to begin work on another. He wants DJ Drama, but that doesn't look like it's happening.

On Twitter, Bow Wow said he reached out to the popular mixtape DJ, and was denied.

"I asked @DJDrama to do my tape. He said 'no' " the rapper tweeted (@BowWow614) on Thursday (January 7). "I'm use to the doubt. How I answer? 2 million downloads in in less than two days...

"I chose @DJDrama 1st because Ima fan and I respect and love his movement, and still is. But I don't kiss ass. I'm grown," Bow Wow continued.

Grown? Keep in mind, this is the same Bow Wow who bragged about driving his "lambo tipsy" on New Year's Eve. SMH.

In response, DJ Drama tweeted back (@DJDrama): "Huh? How I get involved in this conversation...? Stop it. #Redlight."

Guess no Gangsta Grillz for you Bow Weezy.

Source: BallerStatus

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