Friday, January 15, 2010

We have to do Better:
Dewey Tucker Hip-Hop Bassist
Murdered In California

Dewey Tucker, 24, known for touring and playing the bass for former Fugees singer Lauryn Hill as well as being a part of the hip-hop group Coup, was shot and killed in Oakland, California while on his way to band practice.

Tucker was randomly shot as he drove west on Interstate 80 on Tuesday night at around 9:50 PM.

According to authorities, a witness stated that his white Nissan Sentra struck the center divide and then the guardrail on westbound I-80 and it appeared to have been multiple shots made at his car. The gunshots are believed to have been from a semi-automatic handgun.

Dewey Tucker, who was found lifeless and dead in his car along with his guitar, was shot in the head, according to Contra Costa County Coroner’s Office.

Currently no arrests have been made in the shooting of Dewey Tucker and authorities are still looking for suspects that were involved.

Tucker has no prior criminal record and was currently engaged to be married.

Anyone with information on the killing of Dewey Tucker are asked to contact California authorities.

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