Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Message to You Wack ass Hollywood Producer's & MC's

I thought i would Air out my frustrations with these So Called "I LOVE HIPHOP" ass Producer's and MC's.
I Cant see why the Most Influentual Group in the World that goes by the name " SLUM VILLAGE" cant even get a call back, or even
a reply email from you fake ass Dudes. IF it wasnt For DILLA & SLUM some of you cats wouldnt have been Recognized at all. Ive heard alot of you dudes shouting out my crew in your Rhymes, in your records, and all that Shit ,but You cant get us beats thats gonna help YOU!. Its not gonna help us at all because we have Mass Amounts of Classic HIPHOP shh in the Vault that we can Use.
Whats so FKD up its a Damn Recession and i know for a Fact yall not selling no damn beats, so why cant cats even get a Kiss my ass or, I was oversea's ,or I was Jus damn Busy. You guys act like you scared of Money or some shit!(Sorry mom for that Curse word). I know alot of you guys say KANYE is Crazy ,but i see why he act how he do because of SH like this.Mark my words We about to Kill the game with the Marketing of our New Album TITLE:" VILLA MANEFESTO" 1st single "CLOUD 9" feat MARSHA formerly of FLOETRY. We do have some rider's out here who do show love 1st off Big shouts to FOCUS...,MARSHA AMBROSIUS,HI-TEK,MADLIB,YOUNG RJ,PETE ROCK,D PORTER AKA MR PORTER,DWELE,MACY GRAY,COLIN MUNROE, Khrysis,TY,DAVE WEST,DE LA SOUL,WYLDFYER,SHAMONEY XL,FRANK N DANK,ILLA J,"MOS" of Michigan HIPHOP,Tommy Walker,DANTE MARSHALL,JARID, AND HOST OF OTHERS who helped with this Project .The rest of You HOllywood ass Cats You know what you can do . I had to get that off my lil BirdChest.This Just doesnt make any Sense.

NOTE:The Views of this Blog is Independent of SLUM VILLAGE's Views and Clearly the Words of SCRAP DIRTY himself.


Deuce said...

Let em know Scrap! *now if only WrighTrax could get one w/these legends...* lol

OJ said...

I can't wait for the album Scrap...and just seeing the names Hi-Tek and Young RJ on that list makes me happy....I've got no doubt the music will be dope.
I feel what you're saying tho...I'm surprised people aren't falling over themselves to work with Slum Village.

Talking of which...check out Jaisu and S-Type if u get a spare minute. Jaisu has some tracks happening with Guilty Simpson....I think you'd like their sound;



Wes said...

you old mad promoter mufucka!

alcullenus said...

Now you got me running down the list of my favorite Producers and they fall into this category. lol