Monday, March 30, 2009


Whats Good BPB FAM We Were Going through Young RJ's storage the Other day & Found a Beat TAPE that we never Knew he had.
Young RJ started Producing at the Age of 15 when he Produced the Legendary MIXTAPE Compilation SLUM VILLAGE Presents DIRTY DISTRICT. This Series i going to be Called "THE CHRONICLES OF YOUNG RJ" and we are starting @ Age 15 showing his Production Progressed at age 24. The Series will be 3 Parts Here's the ArtWork & you will also notice back when he was 15 his beats were really Bass heavy which he Produced Kurupt(DPG) , PHAT KAT,SLUM VILLAGE at that time. Will keep you posted on the release date. More info & Interviews with YOUNG RJ Contact: SCRAP DIRTY Email BARAKENT@GMAIL.COM.......

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