Tuesday, February 10, 2009

((RANDOM SHH)) Rihanna Building
Domestic Violence Case
Against Chris Brown

Singer fully cooperating with police Rihanna may have been silent with the media lately regarding the alleged physical assault she endured Sunday morning, but she has been anything but with police detectives. According to the Los Angeles Times, police sources say that the 20-year-old pop phenom is currently building a domestic violence case against Chris Brown, and is being fully cooperative with police investigators, who have reportedly called her injuries “devastating proof of abuse."
Along with a bloody nose and split lip, Rihanna also suffered bite marks and contusions on her head. She has allegedly claimed that Brown punched her with his fists. An onlooker called 911, after hearing Rihanna scream. “I can’t speak right now” a rep for Brown said when VIBE reached out Sunday night for comment. No official statement from Brown’s camp has been released

Info from Vibe.com news

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