Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beware of the Snake!!!

The snake can be a best friend, a Family member or your girl or boyfriend.When you in this industry you can be fooled by people all the time. Many of your so called Friends in this game will do what it takes to get over on you to get ahead. Check this out last week i heard alot of my people (Promo people) lost jobs & what did i do? Gave them each a call to really see if they were gonna be good. Now me saying that i am a real industry friend not just a phone call. This is a message to all my people who lost jobs last week some of those guys who you called your friends at that office were Snakes i heard so many stories about people getting thrown under the bus to keep their job its a damn shame. Check this You will really see if cats have your back in the next 3-6 months. This goes for the DJ's who lost radio gigs as well. Note to this Community watch who you put in position because it might come back to bite you in the AZZ real talk. Take care of your team ,put cats in position to help you make money not hurt you. This is a so-called recession,but we are survivor's that need Allies to help us survive. This goes out to all my people who are now un-employed your car may have gotten repossed, House about to be in ForeCloser all that shh doesnt mean shhh as long as you have a piece of mind and give GOD all ya Problems it will be alright. We all got caught up in this smoke and Mirriors industry,but really didnt know what was at the end of that Rainbow........(NOTHING). Keep ya head up and create your own team that you all can Profit from.



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