Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why Some Underground Rapper's are Wack!

Scrap Dirty
Location: Underground
Time: 3am
Whats really good blog fam?. I had a few Phone calls this week about this situation.1st i spoke with my Brother from another Mother DJJAMAD hes working on his new album as we speak. If you guys know Jamad he has the Afromentals show on SIRIUS and he tears down different Venues across the country.This guy help break alot of the underground hiphop artist as well as new FutureSoul artists. I cant understand why our Movement is going through this struggle with itself?. What i mean by that we talk and talk about why we cant surface ,but we wont even help each other enough to create a avenue for us to stay in the middle.TODAY is the day i will not Support any artist,Producer,Record Label,Friend ,Family or Foe if they dont Support Me and my people. It doesnt make any sense that DJ's like Jamad ,artist Like Slum Village, Rapper Big Pooh,FRank N Dank,CHAUNDON Etc.. have to work extra hard for some shh that we help keep afloat. All this is BULLSHIT and what im Calling for is Unity with the artist&Dj's who want the Underground to Surface. This Industry was built on the backs of Underground hiphop & now the industry is about to cleanse itself. ATTENTION all The people who read this Blog faithfully you will see this movement Come alive in 09 and this is my announcement to the world we will take this industry back to the grass roots world that it started with.NO MORE IGNORANT RAP,NO MORE IGNORANT DEGRADING VIDEO's with our sales 30k is the new 500k lets help sell these records the Viral way Blog about it,Text about it,Space about it whatever we need to do lets take our shh back and kick out our Underground RAPPER's that act & went HOLLYWOOD FK them let them Suffer Holding the dick they Scrubbed to get on.



~ Jimi FingerZ said...

Word up crap! I'm feeling you on this one. DJJamad is my man also. A serious grinder!

"Live the Life"
~ Jimi

~ Jimi FingerZ said...

I feel you 100% on this Scrap. Hey man are you in Boulder, CO? I'm at @ CU/Boulder. Hit me up anytime.

~ Jimi FingerZ

Sean Archer said...

Real talk

Mintsavvy.com said...

Real talk... but seems to me the reason why the so called "underground" or alternative music scene can't organize is because they can't organize! Everyone seems to be doing their own thing that could be 10x more effective and have 10x more reach but all the juice is gone when it comes time to plan and set goals. Let's let 09' not be anti industry. anti mainstream, let's let 09' be pro us.

good post