Sunday, December 7, 2008

Can we really Save HIP HOP?

Photo(Rapper Big Pooh) LIL BROTHER
i was just sitting down in the studio going through our Barak Catalog going ..We have some Hot shh we never put out right!. OK us as a Community(underground HipHoP)tend to not support our own movement.We sell out shows all oversea's (Underground Hiphop) we set trends that last forever. The problem that i have with our Community is that we dont Support each other... cats can put out projects and noone in our (UHH) Community dont support.
Prime example(The Number's)
QTip-67,000 Units and hes a damn Icon
Cool Kids- 37,000 Units been out for 3months
Foreign exchange- 7,984 Units
Jake One -7,469- Units
MadLib-7,434 Units
Black Milk-4,671 Units
88keys-2,976- Units (Damn)
i have a Problem with the Number's here. The word is that Internet sales are bypassing Retail if thats so we suppose to be out selling every mf outside our community.We have all the latest Gadgets,we all blog every freaking day we run the information highway,but cant help our Main cats Sell?. This is all DOGSHYT. We always Complain about the wack artist out here ,but we never support our own i think we have to take a stand and support all of our own shyt. Next Year We have 3 Projects Dropping SLUMVillage,Rapper BIG POOH(LIL Brother) & FRANK NITT (FND) We will be starting a Movement and need all of you guys help. Lets Make an Example by Keeping our Music Alive & Well 2k units cant Cut it 88keys sales is just plain awful.

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Universal Indie Records said...

There are a few problems contributing to the low sales of these projects...

1. First and foremost that the majority of todays fans are brainwashed and have no real idea what the hell real hip hop is. The explains how the fuck Plies get labeled the future. I grew up in NYC when this whole shit popped off... jams in the parks, Mike & Dave parties, etc. It wasn't just the music... it was a whole feeling that you were a part of something so different. Since there wasn't that much money to be made the people involved truly cared about the music.. that's also missing today. During the time I grew up lyrics were everything and artist like Big Daddy Kane, EMPD, De La Soul, etc where our inspiration. Look who the kids have today inspiring them... Soulja Boy, Plies, Lil Wayne. People coming up now think this is what hip hop is, thus the pool of people who truly appreciate what a Big Pooh or a Q-Tip is doing is limited.

2. With the exception of Q-Tip, most of the mentioned projects have very limited visibility whether it be radio or video where the MAJORITY of todays youth tend hear the "latest" shit. Sure there are tons of internet blogs and website promoting this stuff.. but the majority of todays record buyers (ie: females) don't search the net for new music. That tends to be a guy thing.. and dudes know where they can get a torrent for the album so there are sales lost there. Gone are the days where you could hear a De La Soul, NWA and EPMD song back to back. If it's different these outlets won't take a chance on it.

3. CD sales are decreasing but they still account for the majority of "impluse" purchase. Meaning you're in the mall doing Christmas shopping, you decide to walk in FYE and see what's there and wind up purchasing a cd that you didn't intend to. Due to declining cd sales most retailers are giving less and less space to music... meaning they're only going to be stocking what they think they can sell. If they only have space for one album... and there's a new Plies and Rapper Pooh album out, who do you think is going to get the spot? Fucked up... I know... but this is the new reality.