Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Traitor JOE!!! What the Hell Obama?

Im checking out Cnn right?. How the hell would congress keep Traitor Joe in a Power player Posistion even though he was out there Smashing on Obama.The Vote was on today to either keep Traitor Joe in his role or to Overthrow this Clown. We all know they Kept his weak ass, how can Obama Keep someone like this big face dude?. He has been playing this card from day 1 he says hes a independent which iam as well then he says he's a Democrat. How in the hell can you do that?. Thats like me saying im a Vice Lord and a Diciple what the fk. Joe has no loyalty and i think i have to watch my homeboy from the go(obama)a lil careful
now.Some shii you just have to stand of for so Traitor Joe should have gone.

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