Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Town Hall Debate Whatever!

I'm Watching this debate ,and its kind of boring
Obama Supporter may be me ,but if ive made my mind up why do i keep watching this Sh^^?. Mccain Seems to keep bringing up points that he didnt support from the start it's like i dont really trust what he says is that good or Bad?.The American People wants a change did you guys know that Palin went so low that she kept attacking Biden even when his Mother in law passed?.Brother's and sisters we need to spread the word & at least give Obama a chance @ 4 years.We gave Bush 8 and i don't see how he did that.This debate & future debates are really for Undecided & Swing voters so i think i will cut this thing off and Dig for some new music. Peace & Love

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DJ Krush said...

You right Scrap i feel the same way its all Hogwash i think barack obama will win hands Down B.