Thursday, October 9, 2008

(DJ BATTLE SERIES #1 ) One of My Favorite Routines "Mr Sinista"NYC

Back in 1995 the battle game was digging for sounds to breakdown which was created by stevie d from NYC.When i 1st saw steve get down it was in 1989DMC he changed the battle game, and took it to that next level. This Kid right here is Mr Sinista he wasnt an Xman then after this battle he joined the with like's of Roc Raida,Rob Swift.The reason why i liked this Routine so much then Sinista Used all his body tricks and he kept all his shhh Funky. In these days cats are just too technical for me now so i just keep it oldschool, break down the beats ,and hit the fader with the stomach better since it has gotten a tad bigger(lolo).Its all about ya Battle Swag! in those days ITF was in Cali so when cats came from NYC they really didnt get any love peep out this Joint from over 10 years ago enjoy he still got his respect in the end heres the DMC 1995.


DJ JMK said...

sinista was the truth & still is thanks for Posting havent seen this is a min

DJ Ophicial(official) said...

I feel you kid im young I feel the old skool more than the new school the style then is much more hip hop and street than now your right its technical. Thanx for the post